Central Sector Land at Henlow

24 cadets and a number of staff from Thames Valley wing attended the second in a series of weekend camps which Central sector visiting RAF Henlow. The majority of the cadets were new to their squadrons and this was their first camp with the ATC (Air Training Corps) and for some their first time staying away from home. Arriving on Friday evening all the cadets were briefed about the weekend by Sqn Ldr Senft who has organised the camps and everyone went off to their accommodation to get ready for a busy two days ahead.
Saturday morning saw everyone split into two flights, Typhoon and Lightening and the day started with a practice of the ACO (Air Cadet Organisation) drill competition ready for the marked competition on the Sunday. Everyone then went to complete a Fam Ex (familiarisation exercise) which gave the chance to see the station and find out some more about what facilities exist at the station. Once everyone had returned it was then off to complete some Leadership exercises and teambuilding tasks.
The afternoon provided the opportunity to visit some of the local area and everyone went to have a look round Shuttleworth Collection, a collection of aircraft and cars located on the Old Warden airfield in Bedfordshire. It provided a chance for the cadets and staff to find out more about the key developments in aviation up to World War Two. Following the museum everyone heading back to camp for a quick drill practice after dinner and then an evening of sports to round the day off.
A bright, early start saw the Drill Competition take place judged under the watchful eye of the camp SNCOs. It was then off to the swimming pool where everyone had the opportunity to take part in ACO Basic proficiency tests before lunch. The afternoon was a tour round some of the resident aircraft based at RAF Henlow, Vigilant gliders and other general aviation aircraft that fly out of Henlow thanks to the resident ACLO (Air Cadet Liaison Officer).
It was an excellent camp for all the cadets and staff that attended with thanks for all the staff that made the camp possible and to RAF Henlow for making the camp possible. Throughout the camp all the activities scored points towards the flights with Typhoon been the winner of the flight competition.