The squadron’s calendar is available for you to subscribe to from your phone / tablet or work computer. Using the links below you can have the calendar automatically update your device with any changes or new events. Here we provide some short instructions for the most common platforms.

Android Phone / Tablet
In the calendar section of your GMail/Google Apps account there is a list on the left of calendars available to view.
At the bottom right of that list is the word “Add”
If you click this word and select “Add by URL” you can cut and paste the link. Ignore the checkbox about making it publicly available.
If you are using an Android phone this calendar will then sync to your Android phone, providing the account you add the calendar to is the account that you sync to your Android phone!
iPhone / iPad
Navigate to this page on your device and click the following link. Subscribe to calendar on iOS
Microsoft Outlook
Go to Account Manager in Outlook (Tools->Account Settings) and switch to Internet Calendars tab. Here you can both change the settings on existing subscriptions, and add new subscriptions by clicking “New”.  Once you enter (cut and paste) the calendar link in the dialog box, Outlook will create the subscription.
RSS / Feeds
Copy and paste the following link into your feed reader.